Great First Day at Work - Funny Video

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Remember your first day at work. The nervousness, palpitations and the stilted introductions ? What if your first day at work, was the best day ever ? And if your colleagues and boss welcomed you with a elephantine ceremony fit for a Rajah ? Aditi Technologies in India, did the same for their new employees. Giving new meaning to the term ‘smashing pumpkins’.

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Japanese Beer for Kids

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Sangaria sells faux alcohol beer (complete with foaming goodness) made specially for children. The name of their fiendishly clever creation is ‘Kodomo no nomimono’ (Children’s Drink) or as I like to call it ‘get dem yung‘. The beer comes in bottles, cans and apparently in six packs for those secret tree-house parties.

To cope with the rising demand and keeping in mind their social responsibilities, Sangaria has diversified into the production of fake wine, cocktails and champagne. Their kid-friendly website features beer themed riddles, videos, a gallery full of drunken glassy-eyed tykes enjoying their favorite tipple and a weird mascot who likes to dance on grapes.

Link to the site (Japanese only). (via Cscout)

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PaperweightThe Wheel of Choices Paperweight serves a much loftier purpose than keeping your papers from flying away. It is a Magic 8 Ball on steroids. You can pretty much make any decision in your life, based on its answers. It comes complete with awesome choices like ‘Sit on it‘ and ‘Pass the Buck‘. The paperweight is a steal at $15 and a great way to goof-off at the office.Link to the site.

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Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes) is known to be quite obstinate about not letting his famous creations to be licensed for commercial purposes. He has stopped drawing the comic strips since 1995, and has stayed away from the spotlight.

It is conceivable that a authorized full length animation film or TV show featuring the dynamic duo, may never be produced. For now, we will have to make do with the unauthorized underground stuff, floating around the Internets.

Watch this unofficial piece of Calvin & Hobbes animation, created by Donato Di Carlo as a project for the CFP Milano Film School in Italy. The short film is in Italian with English subtitles. Notice how Calvin has some very Italian hand movements. Great Stuff.

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The Black Vinegar Robot looks like the gender confused bastard child of Darth Vader and The Iron Giant. Wait, it gets weirder. The robot has been designed to serve Tamanoi (Japanese Vinegar) to guests, or more probably to orchestrate a battle in the nether regions of space.

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Watch the exciting new Trailer for the Transformers Movie. The visuals and action scenes look really good, and I can’t wait to watch the movie. I just hope that the script measures up and will not be a disappointment like Superman Returns.

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