Ferrari Visio Binoculars

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Ferrari Visio Binoculars
Ferrari has been collaborating and creating aspirational lifestyle products with various companies. Its latest collaboration with William Optics, has resulted in the creation of three new Ferrari themed products – The Ferrari Visio Binoculars, Ferrari Zenithstar Anniversary Telescope and the Ferrari Zenithstar Racing Telescope.While the two telescopes are for the serious hobbyists, the Binoculars are perfect for that field trip or a day at the Grand Prix. The 25mm binoculars come in a shade of fiery Ferrari Red. The Ferrari Visio binoculars provide up to 8x magnification and are made of composite carbon fiber (just like them Formula 1 Cars) to last for a lifetime. Continue reading ‘Ferrari Visio Binoculars’

Interesting CD Hole Art

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Check out these cool CD designs. The designers have cleverly used the hole in the middle of the CD as a part of the designs.
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Hitman Movie Trailer

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I am not a big fan of the Hitman games franchise. My every effort at playing the games, ended in abject failure. I could never master the stealth concept of the game, as my efforts were akin to an Elephant trying to tiptoe on a squeaky floor. Still, I could sense the potential in the game. It was the perfect game to be made into a full length movie or a television series. Unfortunately the latest teaser trailer for the movie version of the game looks very disappointing. You have a baby faced Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) trying desperately to look menacing and cold. And a romantic angle just takes away the edginess of the Hitman persona. It would have been alright in a sequel, though. Just does not work.

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Spoon Lounge Chair

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Lounge Furniture

This ├╝bercool Spoon Lounge Chair is made of Liana (creeping vine) and steel. This blending of organic and inorganic elements creates a very interesting piece of contemporary furniture. The makers claim that each piece is crafted by hand. All in all, it’s a killer piece of design. The price is a killer too – it sells for $1,949.00. Would still love to have one though.Link.Related articles:

Touching Adoption Ads

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The IAPA is an adoption agency trying to promote child adoption in India. The tagline of its latest Ad campaign is ‘Adopt. You will receive more than you give’. The visuals accompanying the campaign are very beautifully done, and will no doubt encourage people to adopt needy children. Good stuff.Click on the images to view in a larger size.

IAPA Adoption Ad Continue reading ‘Touching Adoption Ads’

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This amateur African safari video has everything – a wild chase, slithery opportunists, heartbreak and the power of parental love. And we thought our lives were cruel and difficult. But compared to what animals undergo in the wild everyday, it’s just a walk in the park.

It’s a long video, but it’s worth watching. So, who do you sympathize with the most?

Watch the video on Youtube.

Animated Tranformers TShirt

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Cool Transformers Stuff

These cool T-shirts come with a glowing and animated Transformers logo. They will help you showoff your allegiance in the upcoming Transformers wars. You can proudly chose to wear the logo of the good (Autobots) or the bad (Decepticons) on your shirt. Though it would be a good idea to wear one underneath the other (just in case).Snip from the site:Product Features

* EL Lit Glowing T-Shirts feature either the Autobot or Decepticon Logos
* Battery Pack fits in small interior pocket inside shirt
* Button on battery pack controls Animation style
* 2 AAA Batteries Required
* Battery pack is removable, shirt must be hand washed


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These Ads are for a Brazilian brand of low-fat Yogurt. The ads are parodies of some of the most iconic and sensual images in American cinema. The chances of such ads ever appearing in the US are pretty ‘slim’. They would have invited thousands of angry calls and emails from viewers to the advertisers of the product. Obesity is a touchy subject in America, and a backlash would have prompted the manufacturers to withdraw the ads with an apology. I am sure that a lot of people would find the model(s) attractive, but Brazil, a nation which idealizes and worships super-thin bodies will obviously take the opposite view.What are your feelings on this issue ? Would it work in America ?

Yogurt Ads Continue reading ‘Controversial Ads from Brazil’

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