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Ten Recording Bloopers That Made It To The Album

Des McKinney of Hometracked, has compiled an interesting list of recording bloopers which made it into the final cut of music albums. The mistakes were never corrected by the sound engineers, probably due to pressing deadlines or just plain shoddy work. The list includes tracks from some of the most iconic music albums.


These aren’t performance missteps, where the band missed a cue, or the singer came in too soon. There are certainly countless examples of those but most were included intentionally, to add character or realism. Rather, the flubs below highlight mistakes in recording or mixing that could have been corrected before the track was released.

Some of the mistakes are quite obvious, while others need repeated listening. A good pair of headphones or speakers, would help. How many did you get on the first listen ?

Link to the 10 Recording Bloopers.


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