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Racy Burger Ad has Teachers Fuming

A raunchy burger ad for the Carl’s Jr. fast-food chain, has a teacher’s organization seeing red (not the ketchup kind). The risqué ad features an attractive “teacher” gyrating to a song called ‘flat buns’, in front of her entire classroom.

The Tennessee Education Association has demanded that the commercial be pulled off TV screens, terming it demeaning and irresponsible. And Hardee’s response to the demand ?

the ad is obviously a spoof, … the target demographic for the ad is young men who find this type of ad campaign appealing.

With the rash of teachers-sleeping-with-students cases coming out in the open, this is obviously a good time for the Hardee’s corporation to use the opportunity to push up sales.

Ok you perverts, I know you can’t wait to see the video. So here it is.



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