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Monster Laptop Sleeve

Monster Laptop Sleeve For Laptops

This cute and cuddly laptop sleeve is available for $50 from Barry's Farm. It is foam padded underneath and is supposedly rugged enough to protect your precious laptop/notebook PC. The sleeve comes in various sizes to fit all popular models. Link to Barry's Farm.

Portable Pull-Cord Generator

Potenco Pull Cord Generator

This Pull -Cord Generator from Potenco can not only supply enough juice to power your all your portable gadgets, but also give you a small workout. To get it running, you will have to pull on the cord, which instantly charges its internal batteries. A minute of pulling can power

Off On A Short Break

Dear readers, I am taking a short break to recharge my batteries. I was feeling completely drained, so I really felt the need to take some time off. I will be back in action after a week. See you soon !!!

Chinese Propaganda Posters

Chinese Propaganda Poster has a huge collection of retro Chinese propaganda posters. The people behind the site have painstakingly cataloged posters from five decades of communist rule in China. The Chinese propaganda juggernaut, enabled the communist dictator Mao Zedong to tighten his vice-like grip over the people of China. Images of bountiful


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