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Halo Female Master Chief Action Figure

Halo Female Master ChiefThis female version of Halo’s Master Chief was created by artist David Johnson. It is presently up for bidding on ebay. The present bid ? A shocking $1,925 and rising. Just like the…uh, temperature of Halo fanboys, on seeing this model.

The artist has promised to donate 10% of the proceeds to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Description of the item:

Figure is 8 inch scale 11.5 inches tall to the tip of the sniper rifle, Created in polymer clay. ONE OF A KIND!! This is the only one, no molds were used in creation none taken from her. She has a strong armature underneith. Bid with confidence, i lifetime insure my artwork, reguardless of how she was broken I will fix her for life.

Regardless how she was broken ? These fanboys must be perverts.


via The Raw Feed


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