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Virgin America – Animated Inflight Safety Video

Following proper airline safety procedures can conceivably save lives, when disaster strikes. In-flight safety demonstrations are an important, if boring, part of air travel. Trust Virgin America to buck the trend. No inane, safety demonstrations from bored flight attendants on their flights. Virgin has a superb, animated in-flight safety demonstration

Sand Art by Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan - Sand Art

  Jim Denevan, an artist and accomplished chef, creates immense pieces of installation art by making freehand drawings on sand. Armed with only a stick and no other measurement aids, Denevan can take up to seven hours to complete his transient masterpieces on wide, sandy beaches. Snip from the site:

ipod Nano Case Speaker Kit

ipod Nano Case Speakers

If you still have your ipod nano's plastic case lying around, here is a great way to recycle it. You can attach this speaker kit from Bird Electron to convert it into a portable speaker. The kit comes with two stereo speakers and a stereo cable. It's slightly overpriced at


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