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The Dark Knight Official Movie Trailer

The much anticipated official movie trailer for The Dark Knight is finally here. The movie is director Christopher Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins. In Batman Begins, Nolan completely mesmerized us with his technical prowess and storytelling abilities. Gone were the high camp of Tim Burton and the crappy, neon- overload

Kitty Wigs – For Cats Living With Lonely Men


A lot of people love to embarrass dress their pets in bizarre costumes, but this is truly something weird. The Kitty Wigs! site sells the latest  in feline fashion - colorful wigs for cats. The site has pictures of wig-wearing cats at their most seductive best. Checkout the description for

101 Christmas Videos at Fanpop

It's that time of the year again. Christmas is just barely two weeks away. Though the festival has been commercialized beyond recognition, it is still  a special time for most of us. The guys at Fanpop have put together a great online compilation of 101 Christmas videos. The list features

Norton Fighter – Japanese Superhero Fights Viruses, Wears Yellow Spandex

The character 'Norton Fighter', is the face of Symantec's Japanese ad campaign for its Norton 360 program suite. The creators of Norton Fighter have obviously modeled the character on famous Tokusatsu characters like Kamen Rider and Ultraman. This superhero  fights viruses and creepy bots, rescues cute maids in distress, and


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