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Rambo Kill Chart


This is quite interesting. John Mueller, terrorism expert, author, and professor at the Ohio State University, has analysed how the character Rambo has changed over the years.  In the first movie (which is arguably the best of the series), Rambo kills only one character, even though his violent, almost psychotic

DIY Image Stabilization

The infamous "camera shake" has been the bane of most amateur photographers. Though new image stabilisation technology has minimized this problem to a large extent, there are still many people (like myself) stuck with slightly outdated digital cameras. This video demonstrates how you can take great blur-free photos using a

Skull Web Camera

Skull Web Camera

This sorta-cool looking but totally pointless Skull Webcam is available on the geekstuff4u site. The specs are nothing special, but are decent enough. 1.3 MP resolution, 30 fps/sec at 640x480 resolution and Vista compatible. No face tracking or other advanced features. It would have been really great, if the snake's

Urban Legend ER

Another funny video from the Collegehumor guys. Their production values are getting better with each new video. This time we get to take a peep inside the emergency room for victims of stupid urban legends. The video has enough fake blood and gore, so it's not exactly SFW.

Yamaha TENORI-ON – Futuristic Digital Musical Instrument


The TENORI-ON is an electronic interactive device featuring a touch-screen interface consisting of 256 led buttons which can be manipulated to create music. Billed as the musical instrument for the 21st century, the Yamaha TENORI-ON was the result of a collaboration between interactive media and installation artist Toshio Iwai and

Superheroes Misusing Their Powers – A Fark Gallery


Fark's latest photoshop theme challenge for its readers was quite simple - 'Photoshop superheroes misusing their powers'.  Predictably, Superman was an easy target for submitters, courtesy of his x-ray vision, brute strength and immense popularity among comic book nerds. But there were also some subtle and hilarious images of superheroes

Starcrash – Trailer of the Campy Science Fiction Classic


Star Crash, a 1979 science fiction film, was originally released in Italy as Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensione and later in the US as Star Crash. The movie was one of the many 'space operas' that followed in the wake of the incredible success of Star Wars. The film combined

Ame de Watame – Cotton Candy Maker From Japan


This awesome gizmo from Royal Company can turn your average hard candy into light and heavenly cotton candy. The device can melt candies and then spin them into cotton candy; all this in just three minutes. The choice of flavors is restricted only by your imagination. Ah, Japan. How you


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