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Prehistoric Skeleton Mouse


This mean-looking, 'prehistoric' mouse is from Secret Design, a computer modding and design firm based in Germany. It does not look very comfortable, but it would make a great conversation piece. Sadly, there is no word on pricing. Link

Axe Pulse Ad From Argentina

This ad for Axe Pulse deodorant, titled 'Quake', is from Argentina. The ad-makers have eschewed the typical raunchiness, that is the trademark of most Axe commercials, opting instead for more subtle, classier advertising. 851

View the World 80x Slower

High Speed Photography

Image Credit: Chaval Brazil As some of you may know already, I am a fan of high speed photography. High speed cameras can capture fast moving phenomena at a minimum rate of 128 frames per second, with some incredible results. The following video clip showcases the capabilities of a high speed


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