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Retro Italian Adult Comic Book Covers Gallery


I found this amazing collection of vintage Italian adult comic book covers on Flickr. The gallery includes covers of the infamous “Isabella” comic, illustrated by the great Sandro Angiolini. The artsy covers feature some buxom Italian beauties in various states of undress, so it’s completely fun, but NSFW. Ah, Flickr! You

Hansaplast Earplugs – Print Ad


This slightly macabre print ad by TBWA, Paris,  for Hansaplast earplugs brought a wry smile to my face. The copy in the ad reads “You have never slept so deep.” As always, click on the picture to view see it in a higher resolution.

Where in the Hell is Matt ?

With over 2 million views (and counting) on various video sharing sites, “Where in the Hell is Matt ?” is the most popular viral video of the moment. Matt, a self-confessed “deadbeat from Connecticut”, shot the feel-good video in over 42 countries, with a cast running into the thousands. The


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