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Sketches Of Customers Done By Waitresses


Anna Magnowska and Laura Quick, two talented, upcoming London based artists, also work as waitresses to support themselves financially. They regularly collaborate with each other by sharing sketches of patrons they have served over the years. Most of the people featured in the sketches are quite obnoxious (and sometimes very

Some New Kind of Slaughter – Two Comic Issues For Free


Some New Kind of Slaughter, a graphic novel mini-series by David Lewis and Marvin Perry Mann, has been receiving rave reviews from critics and readers alike. The series, described as an eco-epic by its creators, masterfully blends ancient tales from Sumerian myth, Biblical legends, and the very

The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay – Opening Title Sequence

“The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay” is the title of an unproduced, ‘50s B-Movie inspired animated TV series created by Pete Candeland and Stu Connolly for Cartoon Network. The storyline of the show involves a unlikely pair of heroes (two pizza delivery boys), who, thanks to a mistakenly

List Of Rejected Vanity Plates In Ohio

According to an article on, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected 1,574 requests for vanity plates during the past two years. Though the vanity plates don’t come cheap (an extra $35 for every year they are used), tens of thousands of eager Ohio car owners

The Amazing Photography Of Bransilav Kropilak


Branislav Kropilak’s beautiful photographs of industrial installations, lobbies, airplane landings, factories, and parking lots, are awe-inspiring, yet eerily terrifying due to the absence of people in them. However, Bransilav’s intentions are quite different. He wants to show us how these temples and altars of Mammon would look if society


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