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Alarm – A Short Animated Film From South Korea

Alarm Animated Short Film MESAI β€œAlarm” was created by MESAI (Warning: irritating Flash interface), an animation team from South Korea.

The short film tells the story of a young man and his hard fought struggles (against an evil alarm clock) to stay in bed on a bright and sunny morning.

The film is hampered by a wafer-thin, excruciatingly paced storyline – but redeems itself with some top notch animation.

You can download the storyboards and a 720p HD version of the film at their site.

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19 thoughts on “Alarm – A Short Animated Film From South Korea

  1. What are you talking about man ? It was hilarious !!
    all of those lightings and great textures on that animation was awesome ! Actually its based on a fact of life πŸ™‚ Waking up is HARD thing to do >: )

  2. That was pretty kick-ass. Love how he uses the door to avoid the cold hallway floor/putting his shoes on.

    I only wish I had an alarm system that elaborate.

  3. haha we usually have 3 or 4 diff alarms go off in the morning… not a far stretch for us! lol

  4. Absolutely love this. πŸ˜› a few of my friends thought this was pretty damn good too! The ending punch line was fantastic, very well written and animated! It's totally hilarious.

  5. What’s so amazing is that every one of you, pro or con, related to the film as if it were created by your next door neighbor and not someone half a world away from you.

    It goes to show we’re all the same in so many ways and it’s our Governments that’re screwing life up for the people of this planet.

    People are people. Politicians are corrupt, greedy, egotists and could care less about anything that doesn’t keep them in power.

    Get the, cough, cough… hint?

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