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RETINA – Cyberpunk Short Film

RETINA was created by Violet Suk and Martin Koch, a directorial duo based in New York city.


According to its makers,  Retina explores the โ€œthe aesthetic archetypes of cyberpunk with the backdrop of a large, sprawling metropolis, neon & smoke and the reconfiguration of the human body through machines."

Though the short was created way back (in internet years) in 2003 , it manages to look contemporary and fresh.

You can watch the film after the jump.

Link to RETINA from violet and martin on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “RETINA – Cyberpunk Short Film

  1. Very nice! I liked RETINA because it's simple and go direct to the point; the visual is great and mysterious at the same time, creating a convicent (and, how you said comtemporany look. If you not saw it, DO IT NOW!

  2. OMG…. Produced by SUK & KOCH Media… Hahahahahahaha! They really should change the order on those names.

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