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Retro Robots Made From Recycled Junk

I just fell in love with these retro-styled ‘robot’ lamps created by +Brauer, a sculptor and painter from France. He creates his lovely pieces using discarded industrial materials, in effect, breathing new life into them.HORTON (BD)

“In our modern world, where objects often have a single life, I aim at inventing a new existence for them by diverting them from their initial function. I particularly like the robust appearance of used steel and industrial materials. When I put them together, they start a new life as unique pieces of art, in which each component can tell its own story.”


More pics after the jump.


See more pictures in +Brauer’s Gallery.

One thought on “Retro Robots Made From Recycled Junk

  1. My mom, is an art teacher so she loved me for showing her this (my love was not so different but some different after words).

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