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96 thoughts on “Spongebob: The End

  1. They need to make this into a real poster, and have a Spongebob episode where an oil drilling platform wrecks Bikini bottom

  2. He lives at the bottom of the ocean…. oil floats. Great poster no matter how unlikely, but you suspend belief from the get go with SBSP.

  3. Spongebob has lit a fire under water, and you guys are arguing that an oil leak AT THE BOTTOM of the ocean cannot hurt a fictional sponge and a fictional under water city called Bikini Bottom?

    Reality check please.

  4. Thank you for clearing that up Mike. I was sure bikini bottom was an actual underwater city. I must just be an idiot.

  5. Great meaning and poster poor spoongebob! this is how we are in this world, sea, city, all this pollution and oils we breath and fishes in the sea!!!

  6. If you guys read the news, you will find that there is a sludge on the bottom of the ocean feet deep. So, yeah things on the bottom of the ocean are fucked too,

  7. this is really stupid, and will only allow people to see the oil spill with rose colored glasses.

  8. Goodnight sweet prince…..

    Summet Chawla "The Game" is an internets thing… basically the aim of The Game is to forget about The Game hence all these peoples saying "Ahhh hamburgers I lost the game" because they remembered about the game… ya see? so as of NOW! you are losing The Game… enjoy

  9. Well first Off, nobody relizes that BP was RENTING THAT PLATFORM and therefor the cause of it, was not 100% BP fault but still they should of responsed sooner and stuff

  10. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU………i hate you guys for making me lose the game…I guess landon will be next!

  11. I like how the topic of choice in this thread is dominated by the game and not so much the oil spill. Apathy? Well, in whatever case, I lose too.

  12. How American, there's been an oil spill 1 mile down, I Know let's put a link up to blame the black guy in the White house, it must have been him drilling out there, man you lot are easy meat for comedians and you wonder why with this sort of attitude, God bless America, home of the free and land of the brave (lol) more like land of the dumb assed racist and home of the stupid, how are we expected to take a country seriously that in more than half of it's states bans teaching it's offspring that we evolved, oops hold on I think I answered that myself, I guess the link to your leader at the start was some what of a give away. For all those americans failing to follow this, just repeat the follow "U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, terror alert, blame the black guy, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A, It's a war on terror not about oil, of course the Israeli's can do anything they want, U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A"

  13. This would be a great ANTI-BP poster. Oh and to make some clarifications. Sponges live mainly on reefs or in reef pools, which are not (“under the sea”) in deep water [30 feet and below]. The oil spill affects them and all the wild life on the reefs, coastal tide/marsh land, and generally all that contaminated water touches. You also have to remember that not only oil is gushing out of that pipe; there is a lot of nasty gases also being mixed into the water and not all of it is reaching the surface. There are a lot of gases that are heavier than water and saltwater; in high concentrations methane gas is even known to sink ships. And you know the real messed up thing is that all BP can say and do is that they are trying their best, but oil and gas is still leaking out; they are still spending millions on crappy commercials and driving gas prices down too fast screwing up the stock market. The BP around the corner went from 2.98 to 2.52 in ten days. Seriously a price flux like that takes at least a season (3 months) not less than 2 weeks. And what really gets to me is that I’m Asian, fish is a main staple of my diet (4-3 times a week), so now what I am supposed to eat [not GD fish sticks].

  14. We are a little wild, but also kind, creative, and unpredictable. I think we share a lot of psychological characteristics of the English. Also, I believe we are the only race of humans enslaved to a language.

  15. No of course not dont expect the dumb americans to save europe of the fascists and communists, or try to liberate countries from terrorism and try to establish a more civilized nation. you make me sick you prick

  16. Liberate countries from terrorism? Are you really that thick to still believe that crock of shit that Bush fed you??? You can stop pretending to give a fuck about other countries buddy. If it wasn't for the oil and the fact that Bush hated Saddam Husein, Americans wouldn't be in Iraq "liberating" countries from terrorists… You sound like a typical paranoid redneck who is still in fear of communists and fascists attacking poor little America. I bet you have a bunker in your back yard as well you pathetic asshole.

  17. "Blame the black guy" you say?I find your entire statement to be just as ridiculous as the quote above. First off, people, just being people, always look for someone to blame: American or not. Barack Obama's ethnicity has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is being "blamed". And at that, yes, some radicals are blaming him- but the vast majority of Americans right now blame BP, the company that is actually responsible for this disaster. Obama won by a MAJORITY vote, meaning, the MAJORITY of America is not racist. This is an extremely general statement that is not true for the vast majority of Americans. Though, i know, there are still some americans who are considered racist- but not all of us. I do not personally blame Obama for this mess. I do however, question the promptness of his response to everything. This has nothing to do with ethnicity or personal attacks against another person's skin color. This has to do with people not being able to express their opinions of a president without being called a racist. I swear, it's like people aren't even allowed to have opinions any more…

  18. Poor sponge bob =( he never hurt no one…there will be millions of very sad children!

  19. bush didnt hate saddam his daddy gave saddam his weapons they are all in the oil business i believe this was like a hostile takeover of saddams shit

  20. Oh, I'm going to side with YOU because you are obviously the most well-informed and intelligent poster here. I didn't 'relize' until now that the past tense form of 'response' was 'responsed.' I'm such a dumb American…

  21. Who died in pollution under the Sea…Sponge Bob Square PantsSquare and stiff and now dead is he….Sponge Bob Square PantsIf eco nonsense is something you miss…..Sponge Bob Square PantsDon't worry BP will kill them all quick….Sponge Bob Square Pants

  22. Strange how Americans feel the need to condemn BP but completely fail to hold Transocean and Halliburton (who actually ran the Deepwater rig) to account.

  23. I think that is rude for sponge bob square pants, all of the kids all around the world will be mad at YOU.

  24. Very amusing. Nothing that the USA ever does is for anything other than it’s own interests. Rescue Europe from facists? Do you know how long it took for the USA to enter WWII whilst people were suffering in their millions. The US only entered when it thought there was a risk from the Axis powers to American interests. And as for fighting terrorism, these are US wars started as a reaction to 9/11, and many other countries are providing support to the US in fighting these wars both financially and in terms of lost lives. Wake up, get an education and look at how the world really is, and stop showing the ignorance and arrogance that is associated with the US.

  25. Okay, I’m actually kinda offended by this. I’m American. I’m not stupid. I’m not racist. So please, put a plug in your shit spewing asshole before you go blaming a whole country of people for the gross negligence of one individual or corporation. You fucking asshat.

  26. Most Americans aren't condemning BP. Just the privileged upper class who, more importantly, fail to hold themselves accountable for supporting the oil industry. The rest of us are watching E! and not giving a shit, cause it has nothing to do with CELEBRITY DRAMA! =D

  27. “Strange how Americans feel the need to condemn BP but completely fail to hold Transocean and Halliburton (who actually ran the Deepwater rig) to account. ” I completely argee.
    I am also sick of hearing” British Petroleum” this and that… It's not called that any more it's BP plc.
    So why not go down to “One Westlake Park, Houston Energy Corridor, Texas” and shout about it there instead of make british people feel guilty.

  28. Suddenly the US is anti gas producers? Is this the same US that produces twice as much green-house gas than Europe per capita? The same US that refuses to sign the Kyoto protocol on carbon emmisions? The US, home to Union Carbide, that caused the biggest industrial disaster in history at Bhopal in India? Just carry on blaming everyone else…

  29. Nah, Goolagoon is just nothing more than abnormally salty water which makes it more dense to then sink to the bottom and cause a lake like effect.

  30. spongebob was nuked back in the 60’s living at bikini atoll.. a little oil won’t hurt that tough nut.

  31. The sponge would actually help clean it up. Plus it's not Bp's fault really, the government made them drill 2 miles out from shore and 5 miles deep. Nobody could clean up a spill at that distance. If the drilling was right off-shore, we could have plugged it in one day. Thanks liberals!

  32. ohhhhhh, who died in the ocean because of BP, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS… absorbent yellow and now black is he…. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS… if nautical nonsense is something you wish… SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS… then you'd better give this one a miss… SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS…

  33. No they drilled there because it was a different governments rules for passing safety laws. Which are way below standard. Or that is what I understand BP wasn't under US regulations. The drill site would have taken months longer to approve if it was under our laws.

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