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From Sleeping Beauty to Tangled, Disney’s animated movies have been entertaining and touching moviegoers for decades.

Here is a short video compilation of all full-length motion pictures made by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The list does not include films like Wall-E and the Toy Story series, which were created by Disney’s subsidiary – Pixar Animation Studios.

Pictures Taken in North Korea

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Beautiful images of everyday scenes, people, murals and propaganda, in North Korea.


The photographs were taken by Eric Lafforgue, during his multiple trips to the secretive communist nation.

The pictures you will see are not stolen ones, it’s just what I’ve seen during my trip and what the government wants or allows to show to tourists.

When you’re in North Korea, you have always with you two guides, everywhere you go, and you do not choose what you visit, you have to follow a very strict program.

Link to the Flickr set.

Hello Kitty Foetus in a Jar

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I want this beside me on my bedside table, to give me such sweet, sweet nightmares at night.


A sculpture by artist and illustrator Jason Freeny. Click here to see photographs of the making process, on his Facebook page.

Click ‘continue reading’ to see a close-up image of the in utero Japanese cutie.

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After Effects

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Italian artist Daniel Del Nero created this eerily beautiful series of  architectural scale models, that he constructed with black paper, and covered with flour and a layer of mold. The effect is that of peering into the distant future, long after the extinction of humanity itself.

His states that his models are “about the sense of time and destiny of the planet after the human species, through the sense of restlessness which abandoned buildings are able to communicate.”

More pics after the break.

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A poster quiz from Empire Magazine.

High Speed Video of Popcorn Popping

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Utterly fascinating. It’s well worth 12 seconds of your time.

[via Miss C Recommends]

A Band-Aid For The Incredible Hulk

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Little man cut with claw Hulk’s poor finger! Hulk smash Wolverine!


A clever little print ad for stretchable Bandaids, created by JWT Dubai.

[via Ads of the World]

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