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Disney’s 50 Animated Motion Pictures

From Sleeping Beauty to Tangled, Disney’s animated movies have been entertaining and touching moviegoers for decades. Here is a short video compilation of all full-length motion pictures made by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The list does not include films like Wall-E and the Toy Story series, which were created

Hello Kitty Foetus in a Jar


I want this beside me on my bedside table, to give me such sweet, sweet nightmares at night. A sculpture by artist and illustrator Jason Freeny. Click here to see photographs of the making process, on his Facebook page. Click ‘continue reading’ to see a close-up image

After Effects


Italian artist Daniel Del Nero created this eerily beautiful series of  architectural scale models, that he constructed with black paper, and covered with flour and a layer of mold. The effect is that of peering into the distant future, long after the extinction of humanity itself. His states that his models


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