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Wall Tentacle Sculpture Provokes Fear, Admiration


Etsy listing for custom made, handcrafted cephalopod appendages. At $1,100 apiece (ouch!), it’s a pricey, but awesome way to impress your impressionable friends.

Snip from the item description:

All of my tentacles are hand made, no two are exactly alike, but the general size and, you know, awesomeness, remain constant. I will need a six week lead time to complete the piece.

The octopus is a master of disguise, and can change color at will, so I’m offering your choice of mottled paint colors (and porthole treatments).

Wall Tentacle, by ArtAkimbo.

[via Everlasting Blort]

One thought on “Wall Tentacle Sculpture Provokes Fear, Admiration

  1. Oooo… I played a pirate themed LARP this summer where there was an octupus module. You had to run into a barn (and imagine you're on a ship) where 15 foot tentacles were wacking you from all sides. They weren't as detailed as this (and were made of foam.) But the experience was awesome. Of course we had to shoot the octopus's eye with a (compressed air) cannon when it appeared over the bow…

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