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Stunning Illustrations by Nathan Manire


Thom Yorke (2008)
Pen and Marker, 12" x 19"

A few select illustrations from the terrific body of work of Nathan Manire, a trained graphic designer and illustrator from Michigan, who is currently lives and works in New York.

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These pixels are making me thirsty.
A collection of illustrated props from the iconic 90’s television series, Seinfeld.



Personal Project
Two apartment buildings on E 10th St. illustrated and made into skateboard artwork.



Experimental Dot Portraits (2011)



Snoop Doggy Dogg (2010)
Watercolor, 20in. x 24in.



David Bowie (2009)
Watercolor, 18in x 20in



Barack Obama (2008)
Pen, 24in. x 18in.



Freddie Mercury (2010)
Watercolor, Pen, Digital, 20" x 24"



Clear Magazine (2007)

Prints of the illustrations can be ordered at his site.

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