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The Charming Fantasy Sculptures of Polish Artist Przemyslaw Stanuch

Crystal Ent - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2016

Daisy Squirrel - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2015

Przemyslaw Stanuch - Awoken 2015

Arborescent sparrow - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2016

Przemyslaw Stanuch - Mushroom Guardian

Przemyslaw Stanuch - Portal to the new earth 2016

Dragon - Przemyslaw Stanuch

Connection of Opposities - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2015

Space of Love - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2016

Przemyslaw Stanuch is a young Polish artist who makes makes charming sculptures of creatures taken straight out of the pages of a fantasy book. It’s hard to believe when you look at his creations, but this self-taught 24 year old artist started to sculpt them only an year ago. He uses polymer clay and acrylic paint to mold and color his pieces.

Stanuch has a message behind most of his sculptures, and that is to show people the positive aspects of the world.

He says,

I want to draw the attention of people to the things like return to: nature, harmony, healthy food and living ,and most importantly the return to true roots of every human. My goal is to draw the viewer into a world full of magic, joy and happiness.

You can visit his website where you not only check out more sculptures but also order a custom piece of your own.

Scroll down to to see more images and to also watch a video of the artist sculpting one of his magical figurines.

Anasta and Dan - Przemyslaw Stanuch

Moving Life - Przemyslaw Stanuch 2015-

Divine Nutrition - Przemyslaw Stanuch

Moving house - Przemyslaw Stanuch

Protector of life - Przemyslaw Stanuch


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