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The Amazing Impressionistic Oil Paintings of Brent Estabrook

Far too many of us have sacrificed our dreams on the altar of harsh reality. It’s hard out there for anyone, and even more so for a creative person to follow their dreams. But, it’s heartening to know that there are always a brave few who never give up and keep fighting.

American artist Brent Estabrook, who despite being a qualified dentist (with a large school debt), decided to give it all up and began to chase his love of painting. He went through some difficult patches — which included spending an year sleeping on an air mattress in a studio apartment shared with other people — but he never once stopped painting during that period.

“I have given up a life of comfort and dullness to pursue a life of uncertainty and excitement… All I know is that I need to paint… that is it.” – Brent

His latest series of oil painting “Perpetual Recess,” was inspired by his pursuit of the internal passions which drive us in the face of overwhelming odds. The playful series, tinged with nostalgia, takes us back to our childhoods where we were free to dream without any of the fears which hold us back now. Using an impressionistic style of painting, Brent has masterfully used colors, contrast and textures to create his works. The effect is quite stunning as the paintings looks photorealistic when viewed from a distance.

Brent Estabrook was born in the year 1985 in Arizona, but spent most of his life in Seattle. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona, before getting a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Louisville. He is currently based in San Francisco, and has had his works exhibited at numerous exhibits in America.

You can visit his site and/or follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

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