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Humorous Business Cards For Famous Pop Culture Characters

The folks at SmartSign created a hilarious series of business cards pairing some famous pop culture characters like Darth Vader and Deadpool with fictional real world occupations.

Television and movies are a key part of our daily lives, keeping us entertained in the comfort of large couches and beds alike. With those TV shows and movies come iconic characters that we grow to love. Though we feel like we know the intricacies of these characters’ personal lives, have you ever stopped to think what they would do for a living?

Beatrix Michelle Kiddo, Kill Bill

Wade Wilson, Deadpool


Darth Vader, Star Wars


Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy


Tina Belcher, Bob’s Burgers


Catelyn Stark, Game of Thrones


Hermione Granger, Harry Potter


Forrest Gump, Forest Gump


Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead


Barry Allen, The Flash


Henry Walton Jones, Jr., Indiana Jones


Lightning McQueen, Cars


Dwight Shrute, The Office