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Intricate Cityscapes Drawn From Memory by Stefan Bleekrode

Stefan Bleekrode is a 30 year old artist from Holland, who is blessed with an incredible talent. He can recreate from memory the cityscapes of the various places he visits during his trips abroad, using just pen, ink and paper. He says that whether “it’s New York or a village on the shores of Italy,” his remarkable mind can faithfully reproduce the details without a single detail being missed.

Stefan says,

After I’ve seen something that interests me, I make some sketches in a notebook and when I get home I meticulously work out my most vivid impressions to recreate and recapture the atmosphere and fascination I found in the place I do a drawing of. It takes between three weeks and half a year (depending on size) to do a drawing and might take some 700 hours for a big drawing. The finish off the drawing I add watercolour for shading and to enhance perspective.

Stefan’s works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. You can visit his site to see more of his illustrations and paintings.

[via JazJaz Submissions]