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Amsterdam-based photographer Ron Gessel’s tastefully de-saturated photographs of Venice depict the city of love in a completely new light. Trained in graphic design in the Netherlands, this brilliant photographer had a lengthy career as an artistic director for ad agencies. Once the photography bug bit him hard, he travelled around the world to capture exquisite images which his stunning portfolio is a testament to.

You can find the photographer’s images on Behance, Instagram and Flickr.





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Interesting Tumblr Submissions

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I’m sharing some of the wonderful photographs and artwork submitted to the JazJaz Tumblr. Keep the submissions coming folks!


Marvel fun by IAMCRIME


Malignity by Kennedy C. Garza


Under my feet (with 5Meo DMT) Filip Aura 2016


Gladiolus by aibne-hesarose


Untitled piece by Nei Valente


Submission by 小相機 (little camera)


Golden Boy by Myriam Tillson


Intuition By Lucid Dexterity

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Well, I watched Rogue One over the weekend and I just loved it despite its flaws and all! I guess a lot of artists must have felt the same way, judging by the prodigious amount of great fan art the latest Star Wars movie has inspired them to create. Here are a few select illustrations and artwork made by these artists which I have curated for your viewing pleasure.

Derek laufman

Rogue One Poster by Derek Laufman

shane-molina-darth-vader-print-final Darth Vader’, by Shane Molina


Rogue One Poster Ben Mcleod    ‘The rebel alliance’, by Ben Mcleod

Dont ever change stardust Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator  ‘don’t’ ever change stardust ☆, by Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator.

Rogue One pixel art  2016

Dark Side Rogue One pixel art 2016  ‘Press Start to Rebel!’, by Pixel Jeff


Stop Kyber Terrorism by Tom Miatke  ‘Stop Kyber Terrorism’, by Tom Miatke

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Do you consider yourself to be the all-knowing movie buff? If so, here is a fun challenge for you.

Maria Suarez-Inclan (previously on JazJaz) is back with a new set of pop culture themed illustrations, and this time she is paying tribute to famous movie directors and their unforgettable films. Titled “Hollywood Kits,” each colorful illustration in the series features props and images from the filmmaker’s stable of movies. While some of these objects are instantly recognizable, others will surely require a bit more thinking.

The collection, which is exclusively available on Curioos as art prints, includes twelve original artworks inspired by icons like Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Martin Scorcese, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers and more.


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The New York-based art venue Spoke NYC will be presenting ‘Helikon’, a new solo exhibition featuring the works of the legendary San Francisco-based artist Chuck Sperry. The show will not only have on display a new set of screen printed posters from his ongoing ‘Muses’ series, but will also have a selection of rare gig posters from the artist’s personal collection.

In addition to the these, a new monograph titled ‘Helikon’ will make its debut at the exhibition. The book will be a fascinating compendium of the artist’s works over the years, which — with their psychedelic art nouveau style — have garnered him legions of raving fans.



Each image in the book is paired with the prose or poem — from Homer to Nick Cave — that inspired each. Over a dozen photos by Shaun Roberts gives the reader an intimate portrait of the artist at work. Over a dozen photos by Shaun Roberts gives the reader an intimate portrait of the artist at work. Forward by New York Times’ bestselling author, Charles Bock, Beautiful Children, Alice & Oliver (Random House), and Best of NYC Culture 2016, Village Voice.

The show will have its opening today night, November 19, 2016 from 6 to 9pm. The exhibit will be on view until December 11, 2016.

Visit the event page on Facebook for more details.

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oil on canvas 84 - Painting by Brent Estabrook

Dream Team - Painting by Brent Estabrook

Dream Team Closeup - Painting by Brent Estabrook

If you can dream it - Oil Painting by Brent Estabrook

If you can dream it Closeup- Oil Painting by Brent Estabrook

Three Amigos - Oil Painting by Brent Estabrook

Far too many of us have sacrificed our dreams on the altar of harsh reality. It’s hard out there for anyone, and even more so for a creative person to follow their dreams. But, it’s heartening to know that there are always a brave few who never give up and keep fighting.

American artist Brent Estabrook, who despite being a qualified dentist (with a large school debt), decided to give it all up and began to chase his love of painting. He went through some difficult patches — which included spending an year sleeping on an air mattress in a studio apartment shared with other people — but he never once stopped painting during that period.

“I have given up a life of comfort and dullness to pursue a life of uncertainty and excitement… All I know is that I need to paint… that is it.” – Brent

Warm and fuzzy - Oil Painting by Brent Estabrook

Warm and fuzzy closeup- Oil Painting by Brent Estabrook

His latest series of oil painting “Perpetual Recess,” was inspired by his pursuit of the internal passions which drive us in the face of overwhelming odds. The playful series, tinged with nostalgia, takes us back to our childhoods where we were free to dream without any of the fears which hold us back now. Using an impressionistic style of painting, Brent has masterfully used colors, contrast and textures to create his works. The effect is quite stunning as the paintings looks photorealistic when viewed from a distance.

Brent Estabrook was born in the year 1985 in Arizona, but spent most of his life in Seattle. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona, before getting a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Louisville. He is currently based in San Francisco, and has had his works exhibited at numerous exhibits in America.

You can visit his site and/or follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

[via Reddit]

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First time feeling uncertain - Illustration by Livia Falcaru

First time feeling uncertain © Livia Fălcaru / 2016

First time feeling gentle - Illustration by Livia Falcaru

First time feeling gentle © Livia Fălcaru / 2016

Handle with Care -  Illustration by Livia Falcaru

Handle with care© Livia Fălcaru / 2016

It's Us -  - Illustration by Livia Falcaru  

It’s us© Livia Fălcaru / 2016Nothing Holds me -  - Illustration by Livia Falcaru

Nothing holds me © Livia Fălcaru / 2016

Some stunningly emotive mixed media illustrations by Romanian freelance artist Livia Fălcaru. You can follow her on Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr to see more artworks. Prints of her works are available at her Redbubble store.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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Rich Pellegrino's Old Wise One - Yoda Illustration

One of my favorite contemporary artists Rich Pellegrino has released art prints of a brand new painting of Yoda, arguably the greatest Jedi master in the Star Wars universe. Titled “Old Wise One,” Pellegrino has faithfully captured Yoda’s sageness and twinkling eyes in his own distinctive artistic style.

The 11” x 14” prints are limited to a run of only 200, and will come signed and numbered by the artist. You can buy the prints at The People’s Printshop at only 19.95 each.

Hit the jump to see a ‘making of’ video of the painting.

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