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San Francisco-based art gallery, Spoke Art are debuting “Through the Veil,” a two person art show featuring a collection of new paintings by Tatiana Suarez and Craww, tonight at their Sutter St. gallery location.

While the artistic styles and inspirations of the two artists are quite different (Tatiana is from Miami, and Craww is from across the pond in the UK), the duo are united by their haunting, yet sensual treatment of the female form in all its fragile vulnerability in their works.



Tatiana’s subjects, doe-eyed vixens depicted through a traditional pop-surrealism lens, expand on the artist’s Cuban heritage with a tropical palate of greens and yellows, interacting with the flora and fauna of the rainforest. The artist’s history as muralist, painter and illustrator come together much like an “ajiaco”, a traditional Cuban stew comprised of diverse ingredients, to inform her new body of oil and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.

Craww, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom, creates haunting and beautiful works. His subjects have a delicate fragility, depicted with extended matchstick limbs, entwined in a bed of ravens and roses, both recurring elements found throughout his paintings. His women are shown primarily with their eyes closed (a stark contrast to Tatiana’s), resting in what can be interpreted as either a peaceful slumber or a welcome death.

The exhibition will be on view through October 26, 2013. Visit Spoke Art for more details.

Check out more images (slightly NSFW) after the jump.

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Michael Latimer’s 22” x 30” paintings of Batman and Superman are on sale here for £80 (around $59) apiece. Released in runs of 20 each, the paintings are hand painted/sprayed with acrylics and spray paints on heavyweight luxury watercolor paper. Since they are all made by hand, each piece is an unique one. All the works in the series will come signed and numbered by the artist.

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These awesome digital collages are the creations of Hong Meow (aka Estefania de Armero), a Tokyo-based digital photographer, collage artist, and “wannabe” musician. Meow’s surreal works are heavily influenced by the garish, animated GIF excesses of the internet of the ‘90s, and also Japan’s anime culture.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, the artist is an alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited at the Desotorow Gallery, Savannah, Georgia.

You can visit her site (NSFW) to see more of her artwork. Don’t forget to check out her ongoing Faceshirts portraiture project, where you can submit a photo and have it turned into a custom made shirt design.

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One of my favorite artists, André Azevedo, is back with some new mixed media artworks. Based in Curitaba, Brazil, Azevedo is a self-taught artist who experiments with a lot of techniques to create his layered pieces. He created his latest works by using color pencils, crayons and acrylic paints on canvas.

Hit the jump to check out some select paintings from his 2013 portfolio.

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A 4 Story High Street Art Mural by Natalia Rak

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Polish artist Natalia Rak is well known for her colorful and emotive paintings of women. The images you see here are of “Spellbound,” her psychedelically beautiful new piece, which she painted over a period of six days on the side of a 4 story building in the town of Turek, Poland.

Born in 1986, Rak has been quite passionate about painting for a decade. She holds a degree in fine arts, and also a diploma in spatial and poster design. Her works have been displayed in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the US.

You can visit her website to see more of her art.

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Japanese artist Risa Fukui’s series of large-scale paper cutouts (known as Kirie) is currently on display at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo. Fukui created these pieces by mounting her intricately cut paper figures on hanging translucent panels, which allow the double-sided works to be viewed both from the front as well as the back. The cutouts cast shadows on the floor, which give them an additional dimensionality.

The exhibit titled “LIFE-SIZED,” will be on display at the gallery until September 8, 2013.

You can visit the artist’s website and check out more works in the gallery.

[via Lustik and Spoon & Tamago]

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Buzz Light Jaeger vs. Kaiju Rex

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Cartoonist Dan Hipp (previously here, here and here) is one artist who has never ceased to amaze me with his terrific illustrations. Using his wonderful, child-like imagination, Hipp recreates, in this epic illustration, the “Double Event” scene in Pacific Rim using our favorite characters from the Toy Story films.

Check out his blog to see more of his terrific artworks.

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Sao Paul, Brazil-based artist and graphic design artist, Bruno Miranda’s latest series of illustrations are a testament to his talent and creativity. Full of surreal imagery and rich symbolism, I found his digital drawings to be utterly captivating.

Miranda is currently an art director at One Digital, but also works as a freelance illustrator.

You can check out his site and Tumblr to see more of his artworks.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the illustrations.

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The Unsettling Illustrations of Eric Petersen

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These brilliant, but somewhat disturbing pieces are from the portfolio of Eric Petersen, an illustrator based in Olympia, Washington, U.S.A. Petersen says that his artistic style has been influenced by instructional graphics and also the look of vintage comics of the 1940s. His works mainly feature people, who are placed in stark and foreboding environments. The artist has intentionally left his works ambiguous, so as to allow the viewer to provide his or her own narrative to what their eyes and minds perceive.

On his creative process:

“I draw uniform lines on a computer to strip away some of the human element and expressive quality seen in non-digital work. I use perspective and unnatural colors to set up a voyeuristic feeling and create an unsettling mood. I am interested in the combination of a purely functional illustration style with an emotional scene.”

Link to Eric Petersen’s site.

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Artist Tim Doyle adorable new art prints mashup two Internet feline superstars — Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub –- with Catbus from the Studio Ghibli classic, My Neighbor Totoro.

Titled “Out of Service” and “Bad Job Bub!,” the prints were created by the artist for the Spoke Art Gallery’s upcoming Lil Bub-themed art show. The 16” x 20” prints are limited to a edition of only 150 each, and are priced at $40 apiece. Oh, and they will all come signed and numbered by the artist himself. The gallery is also offering both the prints as a set for $70.

Link to the Spoke Art online store.

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