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Chungkong, a Netherlands-based designer, has been creating some terrific pop-culture-themed artworks for quite some time now. His awesome new art project is a mash-up of the iconic Volkswagen T1 camper van with popular comic book superheroes. Chungkong has brilliantly incorporated several signature design elements from the costumes of the superheroes on the exteriors of the vans. Even the license plates of the vans have been cleverly given personalized numbers, which just so happen to be the year in which the particular superhero character was created by its maker(s).

The artist, on his project:

Superman is fortunate. He can fly without the need of any kind of vehicle. Other superheroes aren’t quite as lucky, having spent their childhoods as mere mortals before getting a spider bite or having their parents murdered. Most of them required something a little extra to transport them around the world.

And let’s be honest, there are some awesome rides around in the superhero universe. But what if their rides weren’t as cool like the Christian Bale Batmobile or the kickass Mark 3 Iron Man Suit, what if their rides were ragged T1 Volkswagen Vans…

You can check out more fun illustrations on the artist’s website. Select prints of his works are available at his online store.

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Romanian freelance illustrator and designer Paula Duta (previously) continues her fantastic obsession with creepy-crawlies with her latest series of ‘Insect Alphabet’ illustrations. The alphabets in the series are made up of exquisitely-intricate colored pencil drawings of a variety of insects and even a couple of arachnids thrown in for good measure.

Check out the artist’s Behance page | Tumblr | Facebook page to see more of her works.

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Standard of Living: Wreath, 38" diameter x 6" height from wall, brass screws, aluminum


Standard of Living: Wreath, 38" diameter x 6" height from wall, brass screws, aluminum


Standard of Living: Wreath, 38" diameter x 6" height from wall, brass screws, aluminum


Imagine: Seascape, handcut foreign coins, mdf, acrylic, steel, 23"x 23" x 2"


Imagine: Seascape, handcut foreign coins, mdf, acrylic, steel, 23"x 23" x 2"


The Craftsmen Series: Axe, 34" x 10" x 3", pennies


The Craftsmen Series: Axe, 34" x 10" x 3", pennies


The Craftsmen Series: Axe, 34" x 10" x 3", pennies

Philadelphia-based sculptor Stacey Lee Webber shared some images of her latest sculptures made with found materials and old coins.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Webber’s works are a joyous, hands-on tribute to her blue-collar lineage. She hand-cuts, bends and melds coins, screws and other found materials into beautiful objects worthy of admiration. As a matter of fact, I was quite astonished to find that some of the tools in her “The Craftsmen Series” were made only with pennies.

From her site:

I cherish working with found materials whose history is physically evident.  Imagine a copper penny lying on a sewer grate.  On that stamped coin there are dents, scratches, a dull patina, and a worn down Abraham Lincoln.  Each of these inconsistencies is evidence that it has been passed through the hands of countless people. When that penny is picked up and used in a sculpture the new object is layered with rich stories of struggle and triumph.

Webber’s sculptures will be on show at the 2015 American Craft Council Show in Baltimore from February 18-22, 2015. You can visit her site to check out more of her sculptures, jewelry and vessels. You can also buy her jewelry or order a custom piece at her online store

More images after the jump.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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Starting out 2015 with a bang, artist Rich Pellegrino is back with giclee prints of an artwork inspired by one of my favorite movies of last year – the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Awesome Mix Up” comes in a signed and numbered edition of 200, and is printed on 17” x 18” archival paper.

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Apart from being an UIUX designer at Electronics Arts Square KK, the Tokyo-based Saki Murakami also happens to be a terrific artist who creates wonderfully quirky and surreal illustrations.

The above illustration titled “Kitten Queen” was one her artworks exhibited at the ‘Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo’. Murakami used the bob haired silhouette-mascot of the festival as the inspiration to create the creepy-cute character. The 11.69”  x 8.26” piece was drawn using a 0.05mm oil-based ink pen, and is now on sale at $300.

You can check out more of her illustrations on her blog, as well as her galleries on Behance.

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Our Ends are Our Beginnings

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This is completely awe-inspiring. A photo-manipulated digital art piece by Deviantart user ParadisiacPicture. Limited edition canvas prints are available on Society6 until 01.01.2015.

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Dirk Dzimirsky (NSFW link) is a hyperrealist German artist par excellence.  His incredibly lifelike drawings and paintings explore the vulnerability of the human condition in stark and somber detail. Depending on the choice of medium (graphite pencils, acrylic paints or oil paints), Dzimirsky spends 100 to 150 hours to create his masterpieces.

The artist has now released limited edition fine art prints of two of his works. Titled “Mary” and “Drawn Face VI”, the original drawings were created on paper using graphite pencils and white charcoal.

More about the prints:

The award winning pencil drawing "Mary" is now available as a fine art print. The format is ca. 17” x 23” (43 x 59 cm) with an edition of 40 and will cost $470.

"Drawn Face VI" from 2009, now one of his best known drawings is also available as a fine art print now. The format is ca. 19" x 15” (49 x 38cm) and it is limited to 40 and will cost $470.

Visit the artist’s site (NSFW) to check out more of his art works.

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A pen and ink illustration of a Newfoundland landscape by Toronto-based illustrator laurelmyck. You can check out more of her lovely ink drawing landscapes on her site.

If you are an artist/photographer with a tumblr, please feel free to submit your works to the JazJaz tumblr.

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Eric Pause, a Canadian artist, created these cute, but somewhat bewildered-looking chainsaw animals for his new pop-art series “Can’t Lose / Can’t gain”. All the paintings in the series were created using vinyl acrylic on canvas.

You can visit his site to check out more of his crazy paintings,  vinyl toys and illustrations.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

Hit the jump to see more images from the series.

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"Batman has retired" (Detroit)


“Negative For Herpes” (Las Vegas)

These deliciously-satirical pieces of street art were created by Crummy Gummy, a photographer and street artist based in Orlando, Florida. The artist photographed some of his favorite toys and characters from his childhood, and blew them up into large posters which he then strategically placed in the streets of various cities in America.

You can visit his blog and/or follow him on instagram to see more of his works.

Click here to see more images from the series.

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