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Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects used 1,500 metal paint cans to build “Andy Warhol – Icons,” a temporary art museum inside the atrium of Lisbon’s Colombo Shopping Mall. The museum displayed 32 original art works by the iconic pop artist, over a three month period.

Inspired by Warhol’s usage of humble household objects in his paintings, the architects eschewed the typical white walls of galleries, and purposely used the empty cans to create a simple, but memorable structure to frame the works.

[via Junkculture and Dezeen]

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Locusta Migratoria, 100 x 70 cm


Paula Duta is a Romanian interior architect and self-confessed “happy person,” who says that she is really dedicated to her work. This young architect also has a keen interest in drawing, amongst many other things, bugs. She captures the likeness of the insects onto paper with the passion and commitment of an amateur entomologist. As you can see in these images, her illustrations are incredibly detailed and gorgeously textured.

Duta first began by drawing small sketches of these winged beauties, then progressed to small portraits. Her latest piece, Locusta Migratoria (seen above), is a larger work measuring 100 x 70 cm.

You can visit the artist’s Behance / Tumblr to check out more of her works.

You can check out some select illustrations from her portfolio, after the jump.

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WK (aka WK Interact) is a French-born street artist, who lives and works in New York since 1990. The artist seems to be obsessed with human bodies in motion, and his works are a reflection of the same.

Snip from the artist’s website:

The artist’s unique process involves a technique of twisting an original drawing or photograph while it’s being photocopied, resulting in the monochromatic palette and streamlined moment-in-time appearance of his finished work. WK site-determines his placements by finding an appropriate location first, then his imagery is chosen specifically with a concern for encounters in an urban environment or “interactions” (as the artist indicates in his pseudonym).

The images you see here are his latest pieces on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. You can check out / follow his Instagram to see more of his works.

[via Lustik and Wooster Collective]

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The most memorable superheroes are not just those with almost-supernatural powers or fantastic gadgets, but the ones with whom we empathize with the most. Comic book writers cleverly give these powerful beings wonderful origin stories, which not only lend them a touch of poignant vulnerability, but also justifiable reasons for their single-minded pursuit of justice.

Khao Ho, an illustrator from San Francisco, California, created this minimalist poster series to show us that “despite the trials of our past, what we choose to do moving forward is much more important to us and the world we share.”

Link to the artist’s site | Behance.

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Artist David Moscati’s posters were inspired by the cult classic horror films, The Exorcist and Suspiria. Created specially for the double feature screening of the films at the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco, CA, 18" x 24"prints of the posters are now available at the Spoke Art’s online store.

The prints are limited to an edition of only 50 each, and will come signed and numbered by the artist.

Link to Spoke Art’s online store.

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This brilliant stop-motion music video for the Symmedians’ “World Ink” track was conceptualized by artist Roy, who used 5000 hand drawn frames to bring the entire thing to life. The video is a heartfelt rant against the damaging effects of rabid consumerism.

You can buy prints of some of the frames at Society6.

Link to the video on Vimeo.

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Alan Derrick, a master artist and sculptor based in Gurley, Alabama, makes awesome 3D metal artwork, which pay tribute to iconic figures from pop culture. His layered pieces look like paintings, but with the added three-dimensionality of sculptures.

Derrick, on his creative process:

Each portrait is produced by layering two abstract steel cut-outs against a third solid back panel. I cut and stack the floating layers of metal in a way that creates the illusion of depth, dimension and underlying shadows not found with a flat sheet of paper or canvas. Here’s a little video to illustrate. When viewed from several feet away, the arrangement of layers yields a three dimensional likeness of the subject.

I splatter colors onto each layer using a technique that is both uniform and random in nature. This enhances the 3D effect. The resulting patterns and texture are designed to create an illusion of light washing over the subject.

Derrick’s love affair with metal started at an early age. He says that as a teen, one would find him puttering around his parent’s garage, making things out of metal. In the year 2007, he decided to become a full time artist cum sculptor.

Link to Alan Derrick’s website | online store.

Hit the jump to see more artworks from his portfolio.

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In this splendid pen and ink illustration, London artist Chris Brake pays homage to the cult 80s high school black comedy, “Heathers.”

The piece will be on display till July 10 at Planet Pulp’sRed,” the pop culture-themed exhibition dedicated to the same color, at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. You can buy limited edition giclee prints of the artwork at the show.

Link to Chris Brake’s site | Follow him on Twitter.

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40 fine art giclee prints of “Fallen,” artist Henrik Aa Uldalen’s surreal masterpiece, will be released on July 5th at Spoke Art’s online store.

The 15” x 15” paper size (12" x 12" image size) prints will be limited to a run of 75, and will each come signed and numbered by the artist.

Link to Henrik Aa Uldalen’s site (NSFW).

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The awesome twosome’s imaginary adventures, beautifully captured in this series of illustrations by illustrator Andrew Kolb, will be featured at Planet Pulp’s upcoming art show, RED. The show will go live on July 5th at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

[via Lustik]

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