A Ten Million Dollar Toy

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“A Ten Million Dollar Toy” is the latest art project from SpY, the Madrid based street art and graffiti artist.

He sent this picture of a “kidnapped” bunny to the Toy2R factory, along with a ransom note for ten million dollars.



More art intervention projects and other madness at his site.

The Art of Greg Ferris

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The imagery in Greg Ferris’ layered collages is a curious combination of the organic and the inorganic, the modern and the traditional.  His art explores the areas where unrelated objects intersect, and how, in doing so, they affect each other.


Snip from an interview:

In a work of art, I position objects in ways that will affect their neighboring bodies, like musical notes create intervals.  The images and their placements express my interpretation of topics such as science and tradition, which I’ve been taught are more complicated ways of saying that at the center of the universe there’s two tiny bits of something bumping against each other, and it goes on much the same from there..



Besides being a talented artist, Ferris is also a musician and an avid skateboarder.

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I guess I will always have a morbid fascination with graveyards and cemeteries.


Showmen’s Rest – a  interesting photography set of circus folk’s tombstones. The photographs were taken at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, in Hugo, Oklahoma.

The Bonsai Art of Mario Komsta

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There are the usual Bonsai hobbyists, and then there are the enormously-gifted practitioners of the ancient Japanese technique. Mario Komsta belongs to the latter category.



Great stuff.

Link (warning: annoying flask pop-up ads).

The Thing – Drawn by Apelad

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What we always knew! Beneath that rugged exterior, the Thing is a softie at heart.


Drawn by the always interesting, and ever-so talented Ape Lad.

Masters of the Universe as Hipsters

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This is so unbelievably cool.

Hand-drawn illustrations of He-Man and the various Masters of the Universe, all of them dressed in hipster garb.


The reimaginings were created by Adrian Riemann, an illustrator and designer based in Germany.

Vintage Porn Film Logos

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I just love retro typography.

The folks at Pornographics Studio have compiled this lovely gallery of vintage adult film logos.





They also made this short video using the same logos and opening titles(NSFW audio and visuals).

Mimushi Wooden Figurines

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Ultra desirable handcrafted Mimushi wooden figurines.


The limited edition collectibles are made from wood and wheat straw, which are acquired (and immediately replaced) from government regulated plantations in the Amazon. As they are painstakingly made by hand, only 80 figurines can be produced in a month by the artists.

To know more about the actual making process, visit the Mimushi Blog.

A Big Photo Set of Retro Ephemera

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trinity-of-violence-ephemera A lovely set of images scanned from old books, flyers and brochures by Dylan Todd.

Most of the pictures in the set have been released under a Creative Commons License.

Pixel Art Celebrities

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The VIPs (aka Very Important Pixels) blog is updated every week, with a great batch of pixel art  by Kristof Saelen, an artist and designer based in Belgium.

Star-wars-deathstar michael_jacksonKristof’s chosen subjects are usually famous celebrities or iconic movie characters. Completely terrific stuff!

[via Drawn!]

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