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Creature Eye Lollipops


These colorful suckers, available at the Designer Lollipop store on Esty, will surely be a talking point at your next party. The "creature eyes" are made from a blend of isomalt, sugar and corn syrup. You can select and buy a combination pack of 6 for

Conductor – The NYC Subway as an Interactive String Instrument


Based on the visuals of the iconic, 1972 map of the NYC subway designed by Massimo Vignelli, Alexander Chen’s Conductor turns the NYC subway system into an interactive string instrument. The application was built using HTML5/Javascript, and pulls in data about the scheduled stops and departure times from the MTA’s

‘The Flaming C’ Action Figure, Based on Conan O’Brien’s Superhero Alter Ego


  Paul Pape’s custom action figure, based on ‘The Flaming C’ - a superhero created by animator Bruce Timm, with inputs from Conan. Snip from the description of the action figure: I just finished creating this little gem for Conan O'Brien.  It's a custom action figure based off of a personalized


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