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Jason Cheng, the founder and designer of DIY blog Chchch Design, sent in this short video on how to make your own pen and letter stand out of concrete. I just fell in love with its simple, yet elegant and functional nature.

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Dickri Achmad Fauzy, a graphic designer from Indonesia, creates these stunning digital artwork which show us glimpses of alien worlds with a dark and surreal, cinematic touch. The young designer says that his passion for graphic art and design was ignited by his interest in film posters and CD covers of music albums.

Fauzy lives and works as a freelancer in the city of Bandung. You can check out many more images on his website, where he also undertakes custom commissions. You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated.

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With his ‘Birds of Minnesota’ project, designer Tony Buckland breaks down the defining characteristics of various birds (native to the state of Minnesota) down to the "absolute minimum without losing the essence of the bird."

Tony Buckland works as a designer at mono, a creative agency based in Minneapolis. You can follow him on Instagram to see more of his creative works.





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De-La-Mer-Brand_Identity-All-Men-are Equal





‘De La Mer’, a neighborhood fish market in Toronto specializing in organic and naturally raised fresh fish and seafood, approached creative agency Gladstone Media Inc. and gave them a brief to create a suitable identity for their brand. The firm brilliantly rose to the challenge and created a classic yet modern brand that would not only feel at home as a part of the community but also convey “a current, streamlined sensibility.”

Classic literary quotes featured throughout the space serve as a touchstone to a past era. Custom vintage-style typography, hand-lettered cursive, etched wood, and eclectic found objects give the brand an organic, homegrown aesthetic that sets De La Mer apart from its competitors.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Gladstone Media Inc. describe themselves as a “fusion of traditional advertising agency, design firm and commercial production house.

You can visit their website here.






You can check out out more images on Gladstone Media’s Behance gallery.

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Imperial AT-AT Walker Toy


Nintendo Gameboy


Batman’s Cowl


Buoyant Bulletproof Combat Uniform by N. J. Waterbury


Toilet Paper Roll

Jason Stanley digitally cleans up and enhances vintage patents from over the past 200 years, and turns them into stunning prints which we would love to hang on our walls. The patents, which he chooses to work on, run the gamut from those for common household items to action figures based on iconic movie characters.

The artist says that “his goal is to bring these inventions (that we have all grown to love and benefited from) back into everyday life in the form of art.” 

Jason Stanley is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. You can buy over 300 prints in many color and size options at his Esty shop.


Yoda Action Figure




Skateboard Brake


Harley Davidson Supports



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Here is some brilliant hand-drawn typography inspiration for you folks!

London-based designer Craig Black sent in images of the lettering work that he and his team made for Slick’s Barbershop in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The mural follows the award-nominated window art (seen below), which Black created for the glass front of the establishment.


Black says that he has a “strong admiration for all letter-forms and typography hailing from Glasgow, Scotland.” He graduated in 2013 with a degree in Design in Visual Communication at the University West of Scotland, and has been working for both major clients like the BBC as well as smaller independent companies. 

You can find more of his excellent work on his site and Behance.

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Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 11

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 09

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 06

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 01

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 04

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 07

Ben James, a 3D generalist based in Louisville, KY, creates his elaborate laser cut wood designs using an unique layering method. Using Autocad to design the patterns, he creates a base design and uses an expanding/banding technique to create the layers. He then cuts each segment out of birch wood with a laser cutter, and then glues them together to create a single cohesive artwork.

James says that he has a background in graphic design (a 4 year computer science degree from Purdue University), but over the years he gained experience is using many different applications. You can buy his creations and also place custom orders over at his Etsy store.

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 05

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 08

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 03

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 10

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 12

Laser Cut Wood Art by Ben James 02

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While traveling through Amsterdam, the editor of Arthurious, a New York-based design journal and studio, was fascinated by how obsessed the city’s residents were with their door numbers. Mostly made by hand, these calligraphed numbers are often carved in stone or wood, or created using a variety of materials like metal, ceramics and glass.

Some of them looked high-brow, some sickly, some pensive; one of the digits begged for a bike with a cart of tulips in the front. By and large, they felt they’re a second dimension to the city: quiet but as eloquent as people.


Soon, the folks at the studio were sharing photographs of the numerals on their Instagram account. After picking the best from hundreds of images, they digitized their selections into a typeset and used it to create a lovely 24” x 36” minimalist calendar poster made up of hundreds of different characters. The poster comes printed on high quality 192 gsm paper, and you can get it for $42 at their site.

(via JazJaz Submissions)

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