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Shtrikh Kod (Barcode) is an unique, one-of-a-kind tribute to capitalism located in  St. Petersburg, Russia (of all places.)

The brightly colored mall, designed by architectural studio Vitruvio and Sons, provides some much needed visual-relief to the drab skyline of the residential area it is situated in.

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The Cabbage Chair by Nendo

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This funky looking chair was designed by award winning artist Oki Sato of Nendo Inc.

Nendo - Cabbage Chair

Influential fashion designer Issey Miyake, the curator of the XXIst Century Man exhibition in Tokyo, asked Nendo to produce a chair out of pleated paper, and so, the design firm came up with the unique looking chair.

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Business Cards Gallery

A well designed business card is a great way to make a good first impression on people.

Here is an entire gallery filled with pictures of hundreds of exquisitely designed business cards to inspire and bedazzle you.


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Knife Coat Hooks

These uber-cool ‘Knife Hooks’ were designed by TC Studio, a design firm based in the United Kingdom.

The coat hooks are made of polyurethane and steel, and are available only in matte black. There is an option to buy them online at Bouf for a pricey $ 50 apiece, but they are currently out of stock.


Wine Bottle Holder From Kasane

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I found this innovatively designed wine bottle holder on the ever-interesting Trends in Japan blog.


Snip from the site:

For wine lovers who like nice design, but especially Japanese lacquer ware, we found this amazing bottle holder from Yamakyu Urushi’s Kasane line. Made of wood and lacquer, it balances the bottle perfectly on the table (when full of course).


Pixel Art - Beautiful Couch

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I have fallen  in love with this stunningly beautiful ‘pixel’ couch designed by Spanish designer Cristian Zuzunaga.

Pixel Art Couch by Cristian Zuzunaga 1

He used a couch from Italian design studio, Moroso and fabric from Kvadrat,  to realise his vision.

One more pic after the jump.

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Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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This salt and pepper shaker set showing some good old fashioned, hot interracial lovin, is available at Emmo Home for $28.

Hug - Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Jokes apart, it’s a clever piece and interesting piece of design.


Photoshop Disasters Blog

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Airbrushing and extreme photo-manipulation,  the mainstay of adult men’s magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, sadly, has now invaded the design departments of most magazines and publications around the world.

Bad Photoshopping

We are now completely conditioned to seeing plastic women with expressionless faces and impossibly curvaceous bodies.

The ‘Photoshop Disasters’ blog has some great user-submitted examples of sloppy and amateurish works, regularly churned out by by highly paid designers and graphic artists in the publication industry.

Link (Thanks, Sujay)

Theosaurus Piggy Bank

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This rather unique, porcine, porcelain piggy bank is named Theosaurus, or Theo for short.  Theo is no ordinary piggy bank. He is available on the site for prices ranging from $70 to a shocking $150 for the gold plated edition. 

Snip from the site:

His design originated from Morphorm/Martin Schatz, a product designer from Berlin in cooperation with Lee Kmji, a product designer from Busan/South Korea. Theo is produced in Thuringia by Wallendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur, a German porcellan manufacturer founded in 1764 and steeped in tradition. The shoes of the standing Theo are made from actual cork, a premium natural product, and are produced by the oldest cork specialist in Germany: the firm of Eugen Hackenschuh.

There is only one question in my mind. Would you really have the heart to break open a piggy bank like this ?


Dharma Lounge Chair

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This beautiful Dharma lounge chair was designed by Palette Industries, a firm based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


Even though the letters are jumbled up, the message behind the design concept becomes quite clear when we examine it in closer detail. The actual words are : Stand. Forget. Breathe. Knowledge. Observe.

It’s an original, if somewhat uncomfortable-looking piece of designer furniture.


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