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The Breathtaking Self-Portraits of Croatian Photographer Isabella Bubola

Isabella Bubola Featured

Croatian photographer Isabella Bubola's self-portraits will grab your attention with their arresting, emotive quality. The combination of Isabella’s delicate, elfin features and her choice of stark backgrounds and a desaturated palette all serve to create surreal, dreamlike imagery. My work is strongly influenced by nature, dreams and the surreal. I approach

Maria Suarez-Inclan’s Colorful Illustrations Will Test Your Knowledge of Hollywood Movies


Do you consider yourself to be the all-knowing movie buff? If so, here is a fun challenge for you. Maria Suarez-Inclan (previously on JazJaz) is back with a new set of pop culture themed illustrations, and this time she is paying tribute to famous movie directors and their unforgettable films. Titled

Novae: Incredible Short Film About Supernovas Was Made With Colored Inks in Water


Supernovas are astronomical phenomena that occur when giant stars die, and they have been taking place in the universe since the billions of years. French self-taught videographer Thomas Vanz’s incredible short film ‘Novae’ tries to recreate these spectacularly-violent, but beautiful cosmic events which sometimes ends up in the creation of

40 Hauntingly Beautiful Photographs Taken In Graveyards

Graveyard Photography by Onkel Wart

Photo Credit: Onkel Wart Last week, I spent a few pleasurably-languid hours reading Neil Gaiman’s "The Graveyard Book." Gaiman’s wonderful tale of a young boy - Nobody Owens - who is nurtured and protected by the ghostly denizens of a graveyard, transported me into another world, and made me contemplate about


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