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Melting Ice Sculptures


Melting ice never looked so interesting. Created by LAMAR + NIK for the “Reds” song by the Houses, this music video was made in a car garage for a little over $200 dollars - all without resorting to the use of CGI. The Ice sculptures were made using clay molds,

Conductor – The NYC Subway as an Interactive String Instrument


Based on the visuals of the iconic, 1972 map of the NYC subway designed by Massimo Vignelli, Alexander Chen’s Conductor turns the NYC subway system into an interactive string instrument. The application was built using HTML5/Javascript, and pulls in data about the scheduled stops and departure times from the MTA’s

Carpet Farm


Check out Carpet Farm, an interesting blog that was started to promote the music band of the same name. The blog, created by Nate Otto, has grown beyond its original intentions, and is now an eclectic mix of edgy art, music, rants, and culture. The band will soon be releasing


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