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A Pensioner And An Accidental Killer

I couldn’t help but smile when I read this article about Harry Meadows, a 87-year-old who inadvertently killed 3 fellow residents of his care home.  Am I a bad person? In 1961, 87-year-old Harry Meadows, a resident at the Haslemere Home for the Elderly in Great

Last Words of the Executed

I had blogged previously about the last statements given by death row inmates, who were about to be executed. Here is another list of last statements of executed prisoners, released by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  The statements are as gut wrenching as ever - offering us

The Killer Whales of Eden

Fascinating entry on Wikipedia about the killer whales of Eden, known for co-operating with whalers to kill whales of other species, especially baleen whales. They were seen near the port of Eden in southeastern Australia between 1840 and 1930. A pod of killer whales, which included

List Of Rejected Vanity Plates In Ohio

According to an article on, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected 1,574 requests for vanity plates during the past two years. Though the vanity plates don’t come cheap (an extra $35 for every year they are used), tens of thousands of eager Ohio car owners

NYPL Joins Flickr Commons


The Flickr Commons project was launched to share the photo collections of the world's leading cultural heritage institutions with the general public. Institutions, such as the The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, and The National Maritime Museum have already contributed thousands of priceless digitized images to the


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