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Johnny Martyr 10

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Johnny Martyr 03 - Copy

Johnny Martyr 05

Johnny Martyr is a passionate American photographer who is known for shooting black and white photographs on 35mm film cameras. While most photographers consciously avoid taking photos in low light conditions without the help of flashguns or fancy lighting equipment, this photographer has joyously embraced the use of available light to capture his subjects.

When he sent in his latest series of images, he wrote about how he was inspired by historic war photography “with its rich contrast and palpable grain,” and how taking photographs of attractive women could be akin to going to war. Now, this naturally raised a few questions in my mind, so I wrote back to him to learn a bit more about his love of film photography and also his thought process behind the series.

And this is what he had to say:

I believe film renders subjects with an organic and timeless feel.  In particular, I enjoy shooting candid moments without a flash so as not to interrupt scenes but also to achieve obvious and very palpable grain.  Film grain smooths details and allows line and shape to sort of punch through and simplify a portrait like a realistic sketch. I think this reduction of details and removal of color is part of the timelessness and universality of portraits rendered this way.  Shallow depth of field and the dark or black backgrounds of night photography further reduce detail/context and emphasize the beauty of the subject.

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Johnny Martyr 06 - Copy

I carry a camera with me nearly everywhere and am constantly vigilant for alignment of form, moment and light, be it an important political event to simply hanging out with friends.

On the war/beautiful women comparison, taking candid photos of women is challenging because modern women tend to pose automatically in the presence of the camera, always out to control their image.  As a photojournalist, I have to of course take their input into account but also find something more, something deeper and more natural than contrived conventional forms.  So maybe not as challenging as real war photojournalism but I am really inspired by the rhythms that I imagine film photographers in war must have had to get into to operate a manual film camera rapidly, get great photos, and evade gunfire!

Johnny Martyr lives and works in the East Coast region, and has been a photographer for more than 10 years now. He has photographed many notable political figures, and has had his images published in many reputed magazines and websites. You can visit his website, Flickr galleries and blog to see more of his wonderful work.

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Some really impressive fine art photography by American photographer Kevin Cable. You can find more of his stunning black and white photography on his website and Tumblr blog.

(Submitted to the JazJaz tumblr)

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Juhamatti Vahdersalo, a 33 year old photographer and digital artist, uses his considerable talents to create dark and atmospheric scenes of a world inhabited by Lego serial killers. Vahdersalo says that he categorizes his works to be in the storytelling / fine-genres.

The Finland-based artist regularly updates his Instagram, Flickr and Facebook page with his creations.

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Paintbrush by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Black bread mold by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Cigarette by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

See if you can try guessing what the objects shown in these photographs are.

After the success of his first, hugely viral short film, anonymous artist, photographer and musician Pyanek is back with the second video in the Amazing Worlds Within Our World series. The video was made by putting together macro photographs of common household objects and foods to create stunning, yet jarring imagery, and finally setting it to an eerie soundtrack scored by the artist himself.

You can find out if your guesses were correct by watching the video at the end of this post.

Burger by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Chocolate cookie by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Coffee bean by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Steel sponge by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Marker tip by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Potato chip by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

Velcro by pyanek (from Amazing Worlds II)

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Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 10

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 07

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 04

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 09

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 02

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 03

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 05

Creatures I A Series of Photographs by Antti Viitala 06

Creatures I is a series of evocative black and white photographs of wild animals shot by Antti Viitala. Viitala’s brilliant use of a desaturated palette gives his images a stark, yet sublime touch. A Finnish-born photographer, Viitala divides his time living in Helsinki and Cape Town in South Africa.

Apart from his website, you can find more of his photography on Behance, Facebook and Instagram.

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Though shooting stunning photographs of people is her full time job, Austria-based wedding and boudoir photographer Claudia Magas often finds herself going out on her own looking for inspiration in the little and quiet things on the street with her old Yashica or Mamiya film cameras. In her botanical study series, Magas’s close-up photographs of floral subjects have been lovingly captured with the same sensual lushness that is characteristic of her photography of beautiful human bodies.

You can check out her wedding and boudoir site (obviously NSFW) to more of her works. She also regularly posts updates on her blog, Instagram and Pinterest.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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In this beautiful set of cinemagraphs, Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina lends her subtle and metaphoric artistic style to the visual documentation of the making of a pear strudel.

Visit her website, blog and Behance to see more of her photographs and animated gifs.

As the cinemagraphs take a bit of time to load, I’ve embedded them after the jump.
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Anonymous photographer and musician pyanek created this surreal short film using beautiful, but unrecognizable macro photographs of common household objects. His /her self-composed soundtrack lends an intense and disconcerting touch to the entire short film.

Follow pyanek on on Facebook / Youtube for future updates.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak06_thumb[1]

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak02_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak03_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak07_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak09_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak10_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak12_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak13_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak14_thumb

Before-You-Wake-Up-Janez-Tolar-Nejc Miljak15_thumb

Slovenian videographer Nejc Miljak made the award-winning “Before You Wake Up” by accompanying Janez Tolar, a fellow Slovenian and accomplished landscape photographer on one of his photo expeditions.

In the short film, Tolar, who believes in “waking the sun up” sets out in the early hours of the day and pushes himself on through the harsh, but spectacular valleys and mountainsides on his quest to capture those perfect photographic moments. The videographer’s camera not only plays the part of the silent observer, but also faithfully reveals Tolar’s inspiring philosophy about photography and life.

The resulting short film is as breathtaking as the photographs shot by Tolar himself.

Link to “Before You Wake Up” on Vimeo.

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In his “Breathing Life” photo project, photographer and filmmaker Michael Synder masterfully blends human bodies in yogic postures with the intricate structures of plants and trees. The project explores how human and non-human life forms are united through the simple act of breathing air.

More about the project:

The images were shot in Washington D.C.’s Meridian Hill / Malcolm X Park with local yoga instructors Hawah Kasat and Helena Snyder.  The project was created in partnership with Washington Parks & People, One Common Unity and Interdependent Pictures, Washington D.C. based organizations with a unified mission to breathe life into urban green spaces and connect urban communities to the earth. 

Synder, who is based in Washington D.C, is the founder of a media production studio working with environmental and social-good organizations. The works of this award winning artist have been featured in numerous galleries, magazines, books, television and at film festivals around the world.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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