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Over 5,000 Stickers Were Stop-Motion Animated For The Shins’ Brilliant “Half a Million” Music Video

The Shins Brilliant Half a Million Music Video

LAMAR+NIK are back with another brilliant music video, and this time it’s for the single “Half a Million” from the band The Shins' Heartworms album. The director duo first shot the visuals on an all-white backdrop, edited them and printed 5,566 stickers which were then laboriously hand cut. The stickers

Novae: Incredible Short Film About Supernovas Was Made With Colored Inks in Water


Supernovas are astronomical phenomena that occur when giant stars die, and they have been taking place in the universe since the billions of years. French self-taught videographer Thomas Vanz’s incredible short film ‘Novae’ tries to recreate these spectacularly-violent, but beautiful cosmic events which sometimes ends up in the creation of


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