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A lot of you have questions about how to submit your artwork to JazJaz, so I’ve created these broad guidelines to make things easier for you:

1) JazJaz is a visual showcase for the works of some of the most talented and upcoming artists in the world, so please do mail me good quality images of your artworks.

2) Please make sure you send images that are at least 640px wide (but more wide would be even better). Please don’t send in images embedded in PDFs or other documents.

3) Please share a bit of information about yourself. My readers would like to know a bit more about the interesting artist or photographer that you are. A short artist bio, or your thoughts about your art submission and creative process would do just fine.

4) You can mail in your artworks, photographs and links to videos to [email protected] Or, If you are on Tumblr, you can add your photographs and artwork to the JazJaz Tumblr.

Alternatively, you can also use this form to contact me:

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