Stopping Spam with Yahoo AddressGuard in 8 Steps- Tutorial

Even though Yahoomail features the inbuilt Yahoo spam blocker, it can get quite difficult to manage the Bulk mail folder. Yahoo Addressguard is a nifty feature of Yahoo Mail, which helps you to create disposable email addresses to keep your inbox free from spam. For example, you need to create an account with a site which requires you to provide a working email address for registration. You may not be comfortable providing your email address to this site, as you suspect your email address may be sold to a spammer. Here, you can use a disposable email address to confirm your registration. You can later on delete the disposable email address and stop worrying about any spammer getting to your Inbox with your email address. You can also use it to find out who is selling your email addresses. You can create upto 500 disposable addresses with Addressguard.

Here is a short tutorial to help you implement Addressguard in your Yahoo Mail account.

1) Login to your Yahoo Mail account.

2) Click on the options link.

3) Click on the AddressGuard Link.

4) Click the get started now button in the AddressGuard Page.

5) Create a Base name for your disposable email address. Use your desired name and not the name in the screenshots. This will be your future template for you disposable addresses. You can later delete this name and create another Base name if you get tired of it. Click Continue.

6) In the next page, type your keyword next to your base name. For example, I have used the keyword ‘bank’ to create an email address ‘[email protected]’. Use any name which will help you associate it with a particular site. Press Continue.

7) Customize your mail delivery options. You can allow messages from this account to be delivered to your Inbox or any other folder. You can also select a bright color to mark messages received from this address. Click Set up AddressGuard.

8) Congratulations !!! You are done. Now you can use your account to register with those pesky sites requiring compulsory registration and not worry about it.