Bastard – Design and Art Magazine

magazine is a submission driven art and design magazine. The magazine is driven by artists and submitters who contribute regularly. The issues of the magazine are offered for free in a pdf format.

More from the creators :

It is a colorfoul (?) mix of illustrations, design and photography,with a wide variety of angles, themes and styles. We are keen to present a broad range of styles. Every 2 months artists and designers present themselves in the magazine, featuring work that is of high quality but little known amongst a wider audience.
Bastard dispenses entirely with editional contributions. We want to present visual art in it’s purest form. The magazines strives to present only the work itself and nothing more. No biographical information regarding the creators of the work, no review or assessment of the work, and no other form of written content that could influence or inform the reader further than the immediate emotional response that the work itself prompts.

The issues are a must download for all you art and design lovers out there. Link to the magazine site. (Some of the contents are nsfw).