The Tesla Roadster – The Best Electric Car Ever?

Tesla Roadster - Electric CarElectric Cars have always been a dream, especially for those of us who are closet Environmentalists at heart. The promise of cheap non-polluting transportation excites us to no end.
However, reality is quite different. Commercial electric cars are quite expensive, have limited mileage and take forever to recharge. They are also no speed demons either. Enter the Tesla Roadster, from Tesla Motors. This Plug-in hybrid does 130mph and 0-60mph in about four seconds and also boasts of a range of 250 Miles on a 3.5 hour charge. Surprised ? There is more. The car also looks like a million bucks and not something out of a cheap sci-fi movie set. The only hurdle is the price – a steep $100,000. Still, it is a step in the right direction. An expensive one alright, but remember how pricey DVD players were once ?
There is hope that these cars will be much more cheaper in the future as the sales increase. Till then, keep dreaming.