Erik Mongrain – Guitar Tapping Music Video

Erik Mongrain is a canadian, self-taught guitarist, who creates some amazing music with his acoustic guitar. As a teenager, he received a classical guitar as a gift and learnt by ear his favourite songs. Erik’s speciality is his technique called “lap taping” (Tapping ?). With the guitar on his lap, he taps the cords as if it were a piano.

Here is a snip from this website about his future plans:

Erik is proud to announce that his music will be used in the upcoming film: Everest: A Climb for Peace. The documentary chronicles The Everest Peace Project’s United Nations endorsed climb of Mt. Everest that included people of different faiths and cultures, including Christian, Palestinian, and Israelis climbing to promote peace, teamwork and cultural understanding from the top of the world.

He shows off his guitar tapping skills with this song “Airtap”.