Now fly like James Bond with the Rocket Belt

For $ 250,000, you too can now fly using the Rocket Belt. It is something straight out of a Bond Movie, only more dangerous and insane.

More from the site:

TAM is the only company in the world that produces a complete turn-key package of a flying rocket belt, custom-made to the pilot’s weight and body size. (up to 300 lbs. / 136 Kg). We use the most advanced technology and aerospace materials , including: 1. A fully-tested, custom-made flying rocket belt, 2. This belt has been proved to be the most stable design and easier to fly 3. A special machine to make our own unlimited supply of rocket fuel 4. Hands-on training in the process and the equipment 5. Flight training of 10 flights in your own rocket belt 6. Maintenance and setup training 7. 24/7 expert support 8. Housing and food are included during training.

The site also has more contraptions like the rocket helicopter and the world’s fastest 1100 hp rocket powered bicycle. Sounds unbelievable ? Check out this article in Popular Science Magazine.

This man must be the coolest dude in Mexico.