Recycled Paper Made from Elephant Poo

The Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, creates eco-friendly handmade stationery using elephant dung. They extract fibrous materials from the elephant’s dung which then goes through a lengthy process to make it into usable paper. The extracted material is boiled, dyed and natural fibers from banana trees & pineapples are added to make the paper thicker & stronger. Finally, the mixture is sun-dried in trays, and the final product is odor-free usable paper.

The company not only also claims to contribute a portion of its profits to a reputable Thailand-based organization with a meaningful track-record in assisting the elephant causes, but also is planning to direct funds to a Singapore-based umbrella organization called ‘Elefriends’, which is focused on multiple elephant welfare and conservation causes in both Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent.