Yoda Plush Backpack

Yoda - Star WarsThinkgeek has this Yoda Plush Backpack for all you closet Jedis out there.Snip from the site:

Once we saw Yoda, we all knew we wanted a Jedi master of our own – a Jedi master who would take us running in the woods, ride on our back, and teach us the ways of the Force. We tried strapping a cat to our back, but it wasn’t the same. A few months ago, our geeky hearts almost leapt out of our bodies when we saw this officially licensed backpack. Yoda…on our back…teaching us…and carrying our stuff inside him. Perfect! And, to make it even better, the straps are adjustable and sized for adults. All you need now is a dirty, sleeveless t-shirt and some khaki’s and you will be ready for your Jedi training to begin. You will be. You will be.

You can now carry the most enlightened guru in the universe, on your back for $ 37.99.
Link to the site.