The Derbyshire Fairy – Latest Hoax

This guy supposedly found mummified remains of fairies and created an elaborate story to support his claims. He claimed that he found them, while walking in the Derbyshire Countryside. The fairies were allegedly anatomically correct, but had no reproductive organs. He revealed the entire thing to be a hoax, today – the 1st of April.

As you can see, the Fairies are no doubt, inspired by the ones in Pan’s Labyrinth.Fairies and hoaxes have a long connection. The most infamous of them all, was the Cottingley Fairies hoax, which had even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fooled. But these are different and harsher times, and we have stopped believing in fairies, a long time ago.

Link to the Site. The Derbyshire fairies are presently on auction at ebay