The Light Wave Surfboard: Now Surf at Night

Light Wave SurfboardAdventure seekers will go to any extremes to get their fix. Hardcore Surfers are always on the lookout for that next big rush of Adrenaline. The Light Wave™ Surfboard is a fantastic innovation for these brave souls, who want to ride big waves at night. The board itself is a work or art and looks fantastic. It would be great to ride the waves in darkness and see your fellow surfer’s board light up the waves in the distance.

More from the site:

The Light Wave™ Surfboard lights up the board as you light up the wave. The Light Wave features headlights, rail and fin lights and a tube light, which is a new feature to surfing. The Light Wave rail light is controlled by a left or right handed dimmer switch. This will enable you to see your fellow surfer for the first time in a night time session. The Light Wave headlights are activated by lifting the nose. The graphics are rider activated, allowing new surfing designs and colors to be seen during extreme aerials and turns. It also allows you to see what size wave is approaching. The headlights and tube light can be programmed to run from 10-45 seconds to light up as you drop in and through a few turns and tubes as well. The Light Wave has two replaceable batteries that will illuminate for many hours of night time surfing.

These are no cheap surfboards, they cost a cool $2,950. Still, a lot of people would be interested in them.

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