Why Malaysia Hates Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson – Video

Perodua KelisaThe host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, has come under attack in the Malaysian parliament for his tirade on one of the country’s cars – the Perodua Kelisa. Jeremy is not exactly a poster child for subtlety, and he proved it by bluntly calling it the “worst car in the world” and “unimaginative junk, with no soul, no flair and no passion”. He later smashed the car with a sledgehammer, before blowing it up.

The actions on the show have provoked a Malaysian minister Abdul Raman Suliman into saying that Clarkson was like a football commentator who cannot play football. He also claimed that the Perodua had not received a single complaint from UK owners.

While the Perodua is not going to win any awards for design anytime soon, I feel that Clarkson took things a bit too far. The clip is not from Top Gear, but from one of his videos – ‘Clarkson: Heaven and Hell‘. Clarkson has a reputation to uphold and he found an easy and cheap target. The stunt may have been done to sex-up the straight to DVD video.

Watch the video and comment.