Motorola launches the Motorola Razr 2 Cell Phone

Motorola has launched its revamped money-spinner – the Moto Razr. The company has been suffering huge losses in its quest for market share, and so it hopes to recreate the same buzz and runaway sales with the Razr 2, which its predecessor enjoyed around the world.
Motorola Razr 2 V9

The Razr 2 boasts of a faster processor and increased screen brightness, both of which are upto 10 times greater than the original Razr. It also features a huge 2-inch scratch-resistant display on the outside, which is supposedly one of the largest ever external screens on a mobile phone. The much criticized interface of the Razr has also been given a face lift and hopefully the sluggishness will be a thing of the past – courtesy of the faster processor. And all this advances have been packed into a device, 0.08mm thinner than the original.Motorazr 2 V9Link to the official site.