Bourne Ultimatum Posters

This is the time of the brooding hero. The excesses of the ’80s and the ’90s (George Clooney as the Batman with a codpiece) are being washed away by these new brooding characters. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) in The Bourne Identity movie heralded the death of the quintessential image of the suave spy. The movie reflected the harsh new realities of our time, by being far more serious and moody in tone. Such was its influence that, even the grand-pappy of all spy characters – James Bond, was far more grittier in his latest avatar.

The creators of The Bourne Ultimatum movie, have now obviously decided to up the ante. The new posters for the movie are edgier, and have already set the tone of the new movie. And when the movie tagline proclaims "Remember Everything. Forgive Nothing," our anticipation knows no bounds. Check out the three new posters for the Bourne Ultimatum movie (click to view in a larger size).

Bourne Ultimatum Poster

Bourne Ultimatum Poster 2 Bourne Ultimatum Poster 3 The Movie will hit theaters in August.