Ferrari Visio Binoculars

Ferrari Visio Binoculars
Ferrari has been collaborating and creating aspirational lifestyle products with various companies. Its latest collaboration with William Optics, has resulted in the creation of three new Ferrari themed products – The Ferrari Visio Binoculars, Ferrari Zenithstar Anniversary Telescope and the Ferrari Zenithstar Racing Telescope.While the two telescopes are for the serious hobbyists, the Binoculars are perfect for that field trip or a day at the Grand Prix. The 25mm binoculars come in a shade of fiery Ferrari Red. The Ferrari Visio binoculars provide up to 8x magnification and are made of composite carbon fiber (just like them Formula 1 Cars) to last for a lifetime. The lenses are treated with a special “Phase Coating” to enhance sharpness and also to provide natural color renditions. The binoculars can be ordered online for $199.

Snip from the site:

Benchmarking itself against legendary Ferrari, William Optics has designed a pair of binoculars that are truly outstanding, elegant, yet lifetime-long in durability. As a tribute to legendary Maranello house’s leadership in its industry, William Optics has tried to achieve a new standard in style and quality for binoculars through the research of new mechanical solutions, materials and design.

Ferrari Visio Binoculars with Accessories

In case all this doesn’t interest you, imagine the envious looks you will get, when you show off this baby at your next visit to your kid’s football game.

Link to the William Optics site.