Speed Racer Movie – Mach 5 Revealed

Speed Racer - TrixieThe Speed Racer movie is based on the 60’s Japanese anime series Mach Go Go Go. The series was a runaway hit in its English avatar on American television. The new movie is underproduction , and will be directed by the Wachowski brothers (of The Matrix fame).

The anime was mainly about the various adventures of Speed Racer in the perilous field of auto racing. The series was known for its jerky animation and lengthy fast-paced dialogues. Speed’s ride – the Mach 5, was capable of doing impossibly long jumps and high speed turns. There were a lot of deaths in the episodes too, something which children’s programming in America has usually avoided. Characters were regularly killed during racing, and the creators took pains to dispose of them in increasingly creative ways (Molten Lava anyone ?). Still, it was a whole lot of fun. Plus Trixie (Speed’s main squeeze) was a real hottie too. Her endearing way of saying “Oh, Speed !!!”, gave me tingles in the wrong places.

The Mach 5.

Via Superherohype (visit for Hi-res pic and more)